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Bakhoor Al Taha - 100gm Bakhoor Powder
Bakhoor Al Taha - 100gm Bakhoor Powder
Bakhoor Al Taha - 100gm Bakhoor Powder - SAC - S Amden Group

Bakhoor Al Taha - 100gm Bakhoor Powder


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SAC Amden is introducing the exquisite Bakhoor Al Taha - 100gm Bakhoor Powder, a fragrant masterpiece priced at Rs. 1,000. This aromatic treasure offers you the essence of elegance and serenity. Its fragrance powder is designed to infuse your space with a captivating aroma. Whether it's for air freshening in mosques, shrines, homes, or prayer areas, Bakhoor Al Taha promises a very high quality and long-lasting experience.

How to Use Bakhoor Al Taha

Elevate your sensory journey with Bakhoor Al Taha - 100gm Bakhoor Powder through these simple steps:

Select Your Space: Choose the area where you want to enhance the fragrance, be it a mosque, shrine, home, or prayer room.

Quantity Management: Depending on the size of the area, measure out an appropriate amount of Bakhoor Al Taha powder.

Ignition: Ignite a charcoal disc or use an electric burner, ensuring it reaches an optimal heat level.

Powder Placement: Sprinkle the measured Bakhoor powder onto the heated source. Observe as the fragrance begins to envelop the surroundings.

Fragrance Diffusion: Allow the alluring scent of Bakhoor Al Taha powder to fill the air, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity.

Immerse Yourself: Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and let the enchanting aroma transport you to a world of sensory delight.

Fragrance Aroma and Its Benefits

Bakhoor Al Taha delivers an aroma that's truly captivating. Its fragrance captures the essence of elegance and spiritual devotion. This fragrance creates an ambiance that's comforting and uplifting, evoking feelings of peacefulness and reverence.


Spiritual Atmosphere: Bakhoor Al Taha invites you to infuse your space with a fragrance that enhances the spiritual atmosphere, making it ideal for mosques, shrines, and prayer areas.

Long-Lasting Elegance: The enduring quality of Bakhoor Al Taha powder ensures a consistent and long-lasting fragrance that lingers.

Tranquil Retreat: Whether it's a place of worship or your home, Bakhoor Al Taha powder fosters an environment of tranquility and reverence.


Bakhoor Al Taha The bakhoor powder brings a touch of serenity and elegance to your surroundings. It is designed for burning and air freshening, the product stands as a testament to quality and spiritual devotion. As you engage with Bakhoor Al Taha, remember that all orders are processed within 12 working hours, ensuring swift access to a fragrant experience the ultimate serenity. 

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