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Bakhoor Al Raghba 150gm
Bakhoor Al Raghba 150gm
Bakhoor Al Raghba 150gm - SAC - S Amden Group

Bakhoor Al Raghba 150gm


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Welcome to the world of sensory delight with Bakhoor Al Raghba, an embodiment of exquisite aromas that invite you on a journey of olfactory indulgence. Encased in a 150 gm jar, it infuses your spaces with the allure of Oriental Fragrances. 

How to Use Bakhoor Al-Raghba

To embark on this fragrant voyage with Bakhoor Al Raghba, follow these simple steps:

Select an Appropriate Burner: Choose a suitable incense burner, whether traditional with hot coal or a contemporary electric burner, ensuring safety and stability.

Prepare the Base: In coal-based burners, you can place a charcoal tablet onto the burner and ignite it using tongs. Ensure it's glowing and emitting.

Ignite the Charcoal: Allow the charcoal to heat until it glows red-hot, radiating warmth.

Add Bakhoor Powder: Sprinkle a small quantity of Bakhoor Al Raghba onto the hot charcoal. 

Immerse in the Aroma: As the Bakhoor powder interacts with the heated charcoal, an enchanting plume of fragrant smoke will gently waft through the air, transforming your space into a haven of scents.

Ventilation: To maintain a balanced aroma, ensure proper ventilation to avoid overwhelming the atmosphere.

Fragrance Aroma and Its Benefits

Bakhoor Al Raghba engages your senses and elevates your surroundings. Discover the intriguing benefits of these Oriental Fragrances:

Exotic Appeal: The captivating Oriental Fragrances of Bakhoor Al Raghba evoke a sense of mystery and allure, inviting you to embrace the exotic.

Mood Elevation: The carefully curated fragrances can influence your mood, creating an inviting and emotionally uplifting ambiance.

Sensory Retreat: Aromatic notes within Bakhoor Al Raghba offer a sensory retreat, promoting relaxation and tranquility.

Visual Enchantment: The graceful rise of fragrant smoke from the burner visually enhances your space, adding an aesthetic touch.

Cultural Connection: The Eastern tradition of bakhoor has a strong spiritual and social bonding history that ties you to long-standing customs.


When Bakhoor powder is used on hot coals or electric burners, a symphony of seductive fragrances is invited to fill the room. Bakhoor Al Raghba celebrates this simple tradition.

Each sprinkle of Bakhoor Al Raghba transports you to a realm of enchantment, where your surroundings will infuse you with the charm of Oriental allure. As you embark on this fragrant expedition, Bakhoor Al Raghba weave a fragrant tapestry that lingers in your memory, enhancing your space with an air of redolent, elegance, and cultural richness.

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