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Bakhoor Al Morroco - 100gm
Bakhoor Al Morroco - 100gm
Bakhoor Al Morroco - 100gm - SAC - S Amden Group

Bakhoor Al Morroco - 100gm


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Indulge in captivating fragrances that have been cherished by a tradition across cultures for centuries. Bakhoor Al Morocco is a finely crafted incense that elevates and creates an ambiance of tranquility and luxury. Derived from age-old practices, this 100gm box of Bakhoor Al Morocco offers a delightful fusion of scents that will enrich your living spaces. 

How to Use Bakhoor Al Morocco

Bakhoor powder can transform any environment into a fragrant sanctuary. To experience the enchanting aromas of Bakhoor Al Morocco, follow these steps:

Select a Burner: Choose an electric burner or a traditional coal burner designated for incense use. Ensure that it is heat-resistant and stable.

Prepare the Base: Place a piece of charcoal on the burner. If using an electric burner, ensure it is plugged in and functioning.

Ignite the Charcoal: Using tongs, light the charcoal until it becomes red-hot. Allow it to smolder and generate heat.

Add Bakhoor Powder: Sprinkle a small amount (typically a pinch) of Bakhoor Al Morocco powder onto the glowing charcoal. The heat will release the fragrant smoke.

Enjoy the Aroma: As the Bakhoor powder heats up, it will emit a rich, aromatic smoke that envelops the space. Breathe in the alluring scents and let them create a soothing ambiance.

Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation to prevent the space from becoming overly saturated with the fragrance.

Fragrance Aroma and Its Benefits

The art of using Bakhoor powder goes beyond just infusing your surroundings with pleasant scents. The aromatic symphony of Bakhoor Al Morocco offers a sensory experience that can:

Relaxation: Certain fragrances in Bakhoor have calming properties that promote relaxation and stress relief.

Mood Enhancement: Aromas can influence mood and uplift spirits, creating a positive atmosphere.

Aesthetic Appeal: The subtle dance of fragrant smoke adds an aesthetic touch to any setting, enhancing its visual appeal.

Spiritual Significance: Incense has been used in spiritual practices across cultures to purify spaces and aid in meditation or prayer.

Air Purification: Some fragrances in Bakhoor possess natural antibacterial properties that help cleanse the air.


Bakhoor Al Morocco offers an opulent approach to livening up with its excellent aroma combination. Bakhoor offers something special, whether for unwinding, pursuing spirituality, or simply relishing in the delights of lovely scents. Using Bakhoor powder on hot coal or an electric hob is a centuries-old custom that ties us to a rich tradition of sensory appreciation. Allow the alluring notes of Bakhoor Al Morocco to surround you as you set out on your olfactory adventure in an embrace of peace and sophistication.

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