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Bakhoor AlMiss Jar 150gm
Bakhoor AlMiss Jar 150gm
Bakhoor AlMiss Jar 150gm - SAC - S Amden Group

Bakhoor AlMiss Jar 150gm


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Indulge in the opulent world of fragrances with Bakhoor AlMiss Jar, an exquisite offering that promises to transport you to the grandeur of Royal Arabic aromas. Encased in a 150 gm jar, this treasure of scents invites you to experience the art of perfuming your spaces with elegance and allure. We will uncover the seamless process of using Bakhoor powder, explore the captivating fragrances and their aromatic benefits, and conclude by highlighting the unique qualities of Bakhoor AlMiss Jar.

How to Use Bakhoor AlMiss Jar

Bakhoor powder incense carries a legacy of infusing spaces with captivating aromas. To embark on this fragrant journey with Bakhoor AlMiss Jar, follow these simple steps:

Select a Suitable Burner: Choose an appropriate incense burner, either traditional with hot coal or modern electric, ensuring safety and stability.

Prepare the Base: For coal-based burners, place a charcoal tablet on the burner and ignite it using tongs. For electric burners, ensure it is operational.

Ignite the Charcoal: Wait until the charcoal turns red-hot and emits a warm glow.

Add Bakhoor Powder: Gently sprinkle a small amount of Bakhoor AlMiss Jar powder onto the heated charcoal, initiating the release of its captivating aroma.

Indulge in the Aroma: As the Bakhoor powder interacts with the charcoal, an enchanting plume of fragrant smoke will fill the air, transforming your space into a scented sanctuary.

Ventilation: To maintain a balanced aroma, ensure proper ventilation to prevent overwhelming the surroundings.

Fragrance Aroma and Its Benefits

Bakhoor AlMiss Jar extends beyond its delightful aromas; it's an experience that resonates with your senses and ambiance. Discover the intriguing benefits of its fragrances:

Regal Elegance: The distinct Royal Arabic Fragrance of Bakhoor AlMiss Jar evokes a sense of sophistication and grandeur, elevating the atmosphere.

Mood Elevation: The carefully curated fragrances can enhance your mood, creating an inviting and positive environment.

Relaxation and Tranquility: Certain notes within Bakhoor AlMiss Jar offer relaxation and tranquility, promoting inner calm and serenity.

Aesthetic Enhancement: The sight of fragrant smoke gracefully rising from the burner adds a visual charm, enhancing the ambiance's aesthetic appeal.

Cultural Connection: Bakhoor, deeply rooted in Arabic culture, carries a heritage of spiritual and social significance, connecting you with timeless traditions.


Bakhoor AlMiss Jar, contained within its elegant 150gm jar, embodies the art of infusing spaces with an opulent aura. Through the simple ritual of using Bakhoor powder on hot coal or electric burners, you invite a symphony of captivating aromas to envelop your surroundings.

Each pinch of Bakhoor AlMiss Jar transports you to a realm of refinement and elegance, where the senses are awakened and the ambiance is adorned with fragrant grace. As you embark on this fragrant journey, let the alluring whispers of Bakhoor AlMiss Jar weave an enchanting tapestry of scents that lingers in your memory, enriching your surroundings with an air of regal allure and timeless charm.

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